The Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook

The Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook

Our Mission

To preserve and perpetuate the music, character and history of the Great American Songbook.

Our Vision

That this timeless and most enduring music of our country, with its rich history, will continue to be accessible and enjoyed by the generations of today and tomorrow.

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Our Extraordinary Honorary Board of Advisors

Founding Member
Vic Damone
Vic Damone

Tony Bennett
Tony Bennett
Connie Francis
Connie Francis
Jack Jones
Jack Jones
Keeley Smith
Keely Smith

Annette Agnos Lucie Arnaz Ann Hampton Callaway
Ron Della Chiesa Gloria Corsoro Isanne & Sandy Fisher
Dick Golden John Griffeth Joni James
Hillie Mahoney Deana Martin Marilyn Maye
Robert Merrill Walt Pinto John Pizzarelli
Martin Pizzarelli Faith Prince Mike Renzi
John Rubino Rob Russell Avery Sommers
Eda & Stephen Sorokoff Helen Spaneas Billy Stritch
Jill & Rich Switzer Dom Taglialatella  Steve Tyrell
Dick Wood    


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Our Generous Benefactors

International Ambassador
  • Lois Pope
  • Hermè de Wyman Miro
Ambassador Emeritus
  • Dame Celila Lipton Farris (12/25/1923 - 3/11/2011)
Other Lead Benefactors
    Shawn & Dave Aldous
    Irene Athans & Gen. Carter Clarke, Jr.
    Elizabeth Bowden
    Myrna and Alan Cohen
    George Cohon
    Dan Colussy
    Jerrie & Tom Cooper
    Victoria Damone
    Pamela & Lindsey Dean
    Margaret Donnelley
    William H. Donner Foundation, Inc.
    Billie & Lou Feher
    Isanne & Sandy Fisher
    Elayne and Donald Flamm Foundation
    Karen and Mark Frangione
    Joan and Frank Frani
    David & Janis Franklin Charitable Fund
    Arlette Gordon
    Debra & Rick Graciano
    Herman Hammer
    Evie and Seymour Holtzman
    Helene Karp
    Judy & Jerry Kaufman
    Austin Felis & Valerie Schwartz/ Kaulbach Charitable Foundation
    Henni and John Kessler
    Ellison Kupperman
    Daniela and Michael Levenson
    Hillie Mahoney
    Grace & Giovanni Marquez
    Larry Merriam
    Carol Ann and Armand Moens
    Lawrence Moens
    John A Moran Charitable Trust
    Patty Myura, Eleanor Patterson Reeves Foundation
    Gerda & Kenneth Newstrom
    Richard C. Pietrafesa Family
    Elizabeth & John Raese
    Ari Rifkin, Len Ari Foundation, Inc.
    Abigail and John Rubino
    Ann and William Saas
    Robyn and Irvin Saltzman
    Jill and Randy Smalley
    Sally & Dom Taglialatella
    William Wadsworth

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Our Corporate Directors

  • Nicholas H. Robinson
    Jill Robinson Xiarhos
    Helen Spaneas
    Robert Russell
  • Mike McGann

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Our Founder - Dick Robinson

Dick Robinson

Dick Robinson: From Disc Jockey to Charity Jockey
A career that continues to span the years of the Great American Songbook

Dick Robinson - an icon of harmony and rhythm in charity, TV, radio and business circles – redefines the relationship between notes and chords as they are played in many different communities across our regions.

In nonprofit circles, Dick Robinson’s passions, interest and deed in helping those in need blend charity fundraising and celebrity with classic and timeless entertainment.

His respected relationships with entertainers, combined with his great heart to help charities, has led to millions of dollars in fundraising successes for deserving nonprofits. Vic Damone, Keely Smith, Al Martino, Debby Boone, Jack Jones and Ann Hampton Callaway have headlined blockbuster events on behalf of their friend Dick Robinson to fundraise within his communities.

His concerto over the years consists of many accomplishments including Founder & Chairman of Connecticut School of Broadcasting (the nation’s oldest and largest group of broadcast media schools), Owner of New England and Florida radio stations and Founder of the nonprofit organization the Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook.

Today, in addition to his many business and charity commitments, Dick hosts an internationally syndicated radio show, “Dick Robinson’s American Standard’s by the Sea”which airs on 70+ network affiliates nationwide—including Legends 100.3 FM on Saturdays 6 PM to 8 PM and Sundays 10 AM to 12 PM.

Tune in to a station near you whenever you can, wherever you are!

You will love the M-U-S-I-C.

Dick Robinson’s Music by the Sea”, a half-hour TV show and video version of his radio show, can be viewed in South Florida Saturdays at 6:30 PM on WXEL TV (PBS).

Dick Robinson's Passion: The Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook. Founder-Chairman, Dick Robinson, created this 501(c)3 to increase awareness, especially for children and young adults, of what he believes to be the greatest music ever recorded. In addition to his weekly radio and TV shows, to support the Society's mission (to preserve and perpetuate the music, character and history of the Great American Songbook), Dick addresses the social needs of youth and the nostalgic memories of the “greatest generation.”

The Society’s primary plan is to educate today’s adolescents about the Great American Songbook music. Music is well-known to connect deeply with teenagers and to influence their development, perhaps more than any other entertainment medium. Our next generation will only appreciate this meaningful, positive, optimistic, and entertaining part of their American heritage when we work to keep the music playing.

In addition, affiliates across the country continue to pick up “Dick Robinson's American Standards by the Sea"and the Society for the Preservation of the Great American Songbook launched, its Internet radio station, accessible around the world and around the clock.

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